• The Threepenny Opera Talent Show, pt. 1

    By Greta Turney, Assistant to the Director and local theatre addict

    Arcata Playhouse and Ferndale Repertory Theater have joined their considerable talents and collaborated on what Newsweek has called “The greatest musical of all time” The Threepenny Opera!!!  The best part of this particular talent show is that the winners are all of the audience members who are lucky enough to see such a spectacular event.  Because of this brilliant collaboration, north county residents won’t have to travel all the way to Ferndale to see this show, it will be hosted at Arcata Playhouse for the first two weekends of February.  The second two weekends of February will offer Eureka to southern Humboldt residents an easy jaunt to the lovely town of Ferndale to see The Threepenny Opera at the Ferndale Rep.

    Over the coming weeks I would like to give you a sneak peek backstage as this team of talented thespians bring this work to the stage, well…stages!


    Let’s start with our leading man.  He is brimming with training from Dell’Arte International, (having received his MFA in June 2015) and utter brilliance as a member of American MENSA.  His name is (insert drum role here): Christopher Kehoe.   He started his fascinating theatrical career involved in youth arts as the Dan E. Dan D.J. to advocate quitting smoking.  Further endeavors led to numerous acting roles as well as taking a turn at playwriting and stage managing.  Christopher enjoys repeated visits to local eateries, especially any that may lead to the ingestion of chocolate.  Friends and those who know Christopher best only offer one piece of advice.  “Whatever you do,” they offer in warning, whispered tones, “don’t feed him beets!”  Christopher Kehoe will dazzle and amaze audiences of The Threepenny Opera as the dashing Captain Macheath.

    Get your tickets here.

    Stay tuned for upcoming blogs about the talented people behind The Threepenny Opera