We have included some helpful hints for your visit to the Ferndale Repertory Theatre. Knowing Theatre Etiquette is a vital part of attending live performances — going to the theatre is a special occasion. If students are prepared properly, it will be an experience they will remember for years.

It is important to remember that the audience a vital part of a theatrical performance. Without the audience, there is no show. We respect our audiences and hope that they respect the theatre, its staff, actors and crew.  Your contribution of laughter, applause and attention is part of the play. We have become accustomed to viewing our entertainment on a screen and what we do or say does not affect the performance. In the theatre, the actors can see and hear us and are sensitive to our responses. An invisible bond is formed between actors and audience, encouraging both to have a special time together.


  1. If students arrive together on buses or in larger groups, have them line up outside and enter in single file.
  2. Most likely, reservations have been made in advance and seating has been reserved for your entire group. Be sure to sit only in your designated, reserved seats.
  3. Chaperones—there should be one adult chaperone for every 10 students if possible. They should space themselves so they are visible. Adults are asked to remain with their group during the entire performance.
  4. Once seated, students may use the restrooms with the teacher’s permission and assistance, if needed.
  5. Once the show is over, if there is no Q&A following, please remain seated until other patrons have left, making sure that your group remains together.
  6. Please remind your students that we do not permit:
    • Gum chewing
    • Bouncing on the seats
    • Talking during the performance
    • Disorderly or inappropriate behavior at any time
    • Cell phones, cameras, or other electronics
    • Tape recorders, video recorders (there are copyright laws we must adhere to)


If the students arrive as a group, the above suggestions apply. Please stress that we will not permit cell phones, cameras, or other electronics. And kindly add that there is no smoking anywhere in the theatre or within 30 feet of the entrance.