Growing up in Southern California afforded many opportunities to experience live theatre, and the most unforgettable one for me was a portrayal of a Chinese tale at the Pasadena Playhouse.  This was many years ago now (I must have been in about 7th grade) and although I cannot remember the name of the show or the exact plot, I do remember the Chinese Magic Box – the instrument which allowed miraculous events to occur in the world of the stage.  I went back to see that show several times, begging my mother to please let me go – just once more.

Imagine how excited I was to consider the role the Apothecary’s Cabinet will play in the upcoming production of  The White Snake.  Now it’s  my chance to visualize for our audience the hidden wonders that can be revealed at the push of a panel or revolve of a door.

It is so good to be back directing at Ferndale Repertory Theatre.  I’d have to check the archives, but my last show here might have been The Sussex Vampire, a Sherlock Holmes Mystery.

Catherine “Jenny” Brown